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Welcome to KKRoberts University

Karan K. Roberts, founder of KK Roberts University

Karen K. Roberts, Founder

One of Karen’s biggest passions is helping women understand their money through education and empowerment!  After many years of developing this work, she created KKRoberts University LLC, where she teaches LIVE ONLINE courses designed specifically for women focusing on taking control of their money. 

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Karen K. Roberts, founder of KK Roberts University

What's New at KKRoberts University

What to Shred, What to Keep
Financial Planning

What To Shred, What To Keep

Piles of papers become a nuisance to manage and store. However, there are documents you should hang onto because you never know when you’ll need them! Each type of document is different, so you’ll want to be sure to keep the most important ones long enough before you destroy them.

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Managing Emotions in an Election Year
Financial Planning

Election 2020: Managing Your Expectations

Second-guessing your investment strategy is natural, especially with an election on the horizon. Emotions are running high as many are divided about what may happen to the financial markets with the election just weeks away.

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How to Set a Household Budget
Financial Planning

Budgeting for Beginners: Getting Started With Your Household Budget

One of the objectives of creating a household budget is that, as time moves on and the various household members advance in their careers, they are likely to make more money. Knowing where that money goes can help direct that money to not only meet your day-to-day needs but also to potentially realize your financial goals.

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Karen Roberts and Danielle Diaz
Danielle Diaz & Karen Roberts
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